Instagram comes with its smart features where you can easily attract or engage your customers. Whenever you are promoting a brief idea about your product, or article, or blog, you can easily use your Instagram story to help you with a swipe feature easily accessed by the followers without visiting the link in your bio.

Different creative Instagram story ideas to engage your followers
1. You can also promote Instagram posts: Keeping your followers updated about your work and planning next is the most convincing way to engage your followers and develop traffic in your business profile.
2. Promoting your products: Instagram also helps you do direct business by promoting your product in your story.
3. You can also create a story where users can buy your products: Here, it also helps with a feature to directly buy your products with stickers used in this feature. Using this, you will not be redirected to any other app.
4. Influencer or story takeover: You can bind with any influencer or hire an employee who will help you promote your product in the market of social media.
5. Going live: You can also use the going live feature of the application here. You can directly face your customers and promote your products.
6. You can also conduct a poll: Here, there is an exciting interactive feature by this app. Here, you can ask questions to your followers with two usual responses.
7. You can also use the question sticker: here, it is quite similar to the poll sticker, but the followers can answer whatever they want.

You can also show off your office, making the followers feel how cool of yourself and your work. You can again buy followers from