The TIG welding process is an electric arc welding process, which takes place between the piece to be welded and the tungsten electrode, which is carried out under the protection of an inert gas that prevents the air from contacting the electrode and the melting bath, which are at high temperature.

The tungsten electrode is attached to a torch that transfers the electric current to it and prints the shielding gas; it can be cooled and is powered by a power source that can be direct or alternating current. Filler metal, when needed, is added directly to the liquid pool. TIG welding allows welding in all positions and all metals, namely alloy steels, aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, and other special metals, such as titanium and thin zirconium thicknesses.
Because the tungsten electrode and the filler material are independent, it allows adding only the appropriate amount, avoiding generating welds with unnecessary extra thicknesses, with a very good appearance. It generates the elimination of the oxide layer that surrounds the ferrous materials, while the inert gas prevents the layer from regenerating again, producing a clean weld, without slag.
A good machine for this type of welding
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One of these modern machines’ advantages is that they are manufactured with complex silicon-based technology, which allowed them to minimize their size, making them more compact and smaller. Additionally, this equipment is very light, but that does not prevent you from obtaining a bow without problems.
Where can I get more information on Everlast tig welders?
Entering the Metalworkmasters website, you can get additional information on these powerful machines that revolutionize the welding industry in the world. You can find specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Everlast tig welders.