The Most Loyal Dogs would have a collar and leash attached to their collar. When they have to be left alone, they are supposed to stay on their leash until the owner comes back or is notified that their presence has been missed. Many owners of these wonderful animals do not understand why their dogs want to go everywhere with them and some say it is just to annoy their neighbors by barking or playing. They may think it is just plain play but there are real reasons why your dog does not want to return to the same spot twice and if you can spot them you can solve the problem.

One way to teach a dog not to go anywhere is to make sure they have enough toys. Toy puppies are great companions for a dog because it is like having a child and you can keep playing with it all day long. The toys should not be too small or they will get bored. Some of the toys your dog likes to play with our balls, wooden blocks, rubber ducks, rubber worms, and other toys. If you do not have the time to purchase them you can make them yourself.
Another way to train your dog to stay still is to make sure it does not get wet or dirty. These animals need to stay dry for a long time. When you are going to clean your dog make sure you use a spray or shampoo that has water-based properties. When your dog stays outside make sure the place it is in is clean and well ventilated. Make sure that it gets enough water to drink and use as well. If it is raining, make sure that there is at least a half inch of water on the ground around the animal.