Want a Chianti wine it has to be from the Chianti region. Made from Sangiovese grapes it comes in the color of beautiful ruby red. The flavors of all the red fruits like cherry, plum, and raspberry with a dash of spice and an earthy flavor, one sip makes all these flavors come alive and stays in your palate for some time. Chianti and Chianti classico are just different appellations of wine. The world-famous wine has its roots firmly on the vast expanse of Tuscany. Buy Chianti Classico from a good online store and make your evening memorable.

Specialty of Chianti classico
The ruby red color of Chianti Classico in a wine glass is all that it takes to make it special. Continue by taking a sip and all the flavors of red fruits and spice and an earthy tinge bursts out into your palate. Slowly slide it into your throat and get to know why it is loved by the whole world. The fresh green expanse of Tuscany and the Chianti region and Sangiovese grapes all add to its specialty.

A few things about Chianti Classico
• It is ruby red
• The flavors that burst in just a sip are floral aromas, red fruits, the tinge of spice, and a splash of earthiness
• It has to be from the chianti region to be called Chianti Classico
• The flavor is intense and lasts long on your palate
• The vineyards are about 400 to 600metres above sea level
• Aging goes up to 5 to 6 years
• To become a Chianti Classico it has to be 80% Sangiovese grapes and the rest is merlot
• The legal age to become a Chianti Classico is 18 months
All of these make Chianti Classico the best-tasting wine and is loved and preferred wine throughout the world. It gives you the taste of the land it is coming from. So buy chianti classico from a good online store and let the taste sink in to give a long-lasting flavor to your palate.